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Ductwork refers to the system of ducts (metal or synthetic tubes) used to transport air from heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment throughout your home. Properly installed and well-maintained air ducts are a key component of indoor air quality and home comfort.

Air ducts are a significant component of your heating and cooling system, but they are usually overlooked. Many times, homeowners have no clue that a problem exists. If you think that your HVAC system is inefficient or you get consistently high energy bills, give us a call.


Scheduling our quality inspection checks is an essential step to detect problems on time that may be existing in your air system. We will handle these problems with expert knowledge and expertise we have attained over the years. Whether it’s the need for air duct sealing, repair or air duct replacement. We are the true experts for ensuring a superior-quality heating and cooling service.

Many times, homeowners have no clue that a problem exists. If you think that your HVAC system is inefficient or get consistently high energy bills, look out for these five common duct problems:

  • 1. POOR DESIGN. – A duct system that transfers the air from one point to another with the least amount of distance and obstructions is economical and very effective. Poor design will result in inefficient heating and cooling in your home and make your energy bill skyrocket.
  • 2. IMPROPER INSULATION. – If your ducts are not correctly insulated, or not insulated at all, a lot of your money is going waste. A considerable amount of heat and air can escape this way, so it’s necessary to keep all ductwork well insulated.
  • 3. INADEQUATE AIRFLOW (KINKS/TWISTS). – If you have flexible ductwork, be sure there are no kinks, twists or other obstructions restricting airflow. These kinds of ducts can even get crushed, causing significant issues with air circulation.
  • 4. LEAKING DUCTWORK. – Loose or disconnected ductwork can cause the air to leak into open space and affect your indoor air quality too. According to the HVAC experts, the average home loses about 20-40% of the air that circulates through leaking ducts, causing major inefficiency in your HVAC system.
  • 5. POORLY SEALED REGISTERS AND GRILLS. – Improperly sealed registers at the duct connection cause air to escape your ducts even before reaching your rooms and allow entry of insects, critters, and debris into your ductwork. Not only does air duct sealing impact energy efficiency, but it can also affect your unit’s lifespan.
    We offer the most affordable and quick solutions to your Duct work needs. Schedule now a diagnose. One of our pros will come to your house and provide you with a formal quote to repair your ducts.

Many times, homeowners have no clue that a problem exists. If you think that your HVAC system is inefficient or get consistently high energy bills, look out for these five common duct problems:


When people think of HVAC service, they think of the main equipment. The air conditioner, heat pump or furnace. They’re not thinking about ductwork.

You need lungs to breathe, but also an entire network in your body to carry oxygen to your body’s cells. Forgetting to consider ductwork is kind of like thinking the lungs are doing all the work on their own to oxygenate your body. That’s why you need to ensure that your ducts are installed by a professional who knows the ins and outs of ductwork.

How do we install new ductwork for a new installation or replacement?

Before we can install any sort of ductwork, we’ll need to work out your load calculation. What this means is you need to calculate the heat loss and gain in each room. The reason for this is it’ll tell you what rooms need ductwork and which ones can do without.

There are a couple of options you can choose when it comes to ductwork, sheet metal or flexible fiberglass hose.

We will pick the most convenient locations for your exhaust pipes and other large parts. This will allow our customer to have some extra space in their attics for storage.

Too many bends and bends that are too sharp will reduce airflow. It decreases the amount of air that can reach the area that needs cooling, forcing your HVAC to work harder, and the room to heat up.

If your ductwork isn’t sealed right, you could be losing up to 20% of your conditioned air. This issue is worse with the high-efficiency systems, which run at a lower capacity for longer.

That’s because air spends longer in the ducts and has more opportunity to escape through joints. That’s why we make sure to seal your joints with mastic gum or a metal-backed tape that will also prevent leaks.

Once your ductwork is in place, we will run a final check. We will make sure that airflow levels are right by running a test in each room.


Ducts and registers that are improperly sealed are another cause of HVAC inefficiency. If registers are installed haphazardly, the air that is meant to pass through the register and into your room is instead allowed to dissipate inside the wall, and into the attic. Ductwork should always be insulated. Uninsulated ducts lose a tremendous amount of heat to a cold basement or attic. Similarly, an excessively warm attic in the summer can warm cooler air traveling through your ducts. This means your furnace or air conditioning units must work harder and longer to bring your room to the desired temperature.
A poorly sealed duct system is a waste of energy. If air escapes, your HVAC system will have to work harder to keep up with the demand.

In this final step, your technician will use mastic gum or metal-backed tape to seal any leakages.

It is very important that you register your equipment within 45 Days of the date installed. It is very easy and it takes just a few minutes.

Please click the brand that corresponds to your new system to be directed to the warranty registration page. Make sure to have the information listed below on hand.

  • Property Owner information
  • Serial and Model number of each product to be registered
  • Date of the installation
  • Dealer Name: Elite Climate Comfort LLC

Air Conditioning Repair Services that we provided

Capacitor Replacement

They are attached to the HVAC motor and work with the compressor, the blower motor, and the outside fan. It usually goes out after a severe thunderstorm.

Blower Motor Replacement

There are two motors in your HVAC system. A blower motor in the air handling unit and a fan motor in the condenser unit outside.

Refrigerant Leak

usually happens when your system is not cooling enough, not blowing cool air, a hissing sound, your coils freeze, and you notice more expensive utility electric bills.

Condensation Drain

This drain removes condensation produced by the evaporator coil. It gets clogged and needs to be cleaned to work properly and avoid evaluated humidity, musty odors and water damage

Contactor Replacement

Your contactor can fail electrically in one of three ways. It can become shorted, grounded or open. Your technician will use a meter to determine resistance crossing your contactor. If the readings are outside of a very narrow range; your contactor should be replaced

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Most existing air conditioners that are replaced today are between the ages of eight to 30 years old. Modern air conditioners are 20-50% larger in height, length, and width. This allows for a larger coil, which, in turn, makes the air conditioner more efficient.

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